Cloud Phone: Why is it necessary for your business?

Cloud Phone: Why is it necessary for your business?

Series of technological innovations and advancements have brought significant changes to businesses, even to mature industries. In particular, the business phone system has undergone drastic changes; from analog to digital, and from cable to the cloud – all because of emerging technologies. Even now, people opt to invest and stick to the on-premise phone system as it is the most familiar and most common. However, given the continually evolving nature of technology, the latest innovations age out the typical business phone system and eventually promote the need for an upgrade.

You may consider the following reasons why a cloud phone is necessary for your business.

1. Cloud Phone System is Inexpensive

The massive cost-saving is among the benefits of transitioning from traditional phone services to a cloud phone system. Simply, since cloud-based communications do not need the upfront payment for installation and regular maintenance compared to the conventional phone system. The charge applies on a usage basis, meaning paying only for the bandwidth that you require when you host your phone on the internet. Upgrade costs are minimal, and cloud phone providers offer monthly fees per phone line.


2. Cloud Phone System Offers Variety of Features

Users of the cloud phone system enjoy standard features such as voicemail and automatic attendants aside from other unified communication options. The cloud phone system also offers advanced features which include traffic shaping to preserve bandwidth to ensure call quality and reliability. Businesses can also take advantage of the latest voice features without the need for a hardware upgrade. Hence, regardless of business size, the cloud service provides total flexibility suited for your business need.


3. Cloud-Based Phone System is Scalable

Shifting to a cloud-based phone system is easy to organize. Unlike expanding an on-premise phone system, you can avoid the difficulty of moving tons of equipment and requirement for workforce. You only need to move handsets and cables with easy to follow instructions from your IT department.


4. Cloud Phone Empowers Mobility and Remote Work

With the need for constant communication today, businesses benefit from the cloud phone system for its ability to support off-site and remote work setting. People can seamlessly communicate with co-workers and customers, no matter where they are.


5. Cloud Telephony System is Disaster-Proof

A phone system disaster can lead to loss of clients and customers. They are more likely to seek out other sources when they are unable to reach your services during emergencies. Having an accessible and reliable phone system even during odd hours to maintain the connection with clients, customers, and business partners are necessary. A cloud phone system protects you from loss of communication during disasters as it ensures resilience and service reliability.


6. Quick and Easy Routing

Routing and setting up attendants can easily be setup with a cloud-based phone. Calls can be routed to an alternate site, especially during inclement weather or when disaster strikes. Not to mention when being faced with a pandemic such as Covid-19. You can ensure business continuity and continue to keep in touch as your cloud-based phone system is always up.


7. Transparent Pricing

Getting additional features for on-premise phone system has corresponding fees for every function. These add-ons, including hardware and software upgrade, and existing solution modification could equate to additional cost. With a cloud-based phone system, latest features are integrated as offered by cloud service providers. There is no need to pay feature-specific add-on or hidden fees; thus, even small businesses do not have to worry about affordability.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from cloud-based telephony and transitioning your business phone system to the cloud has never been easier. Currently, enterprises operate partly in the cloud, but it is foreseeable that all industries will soon take the next step to adopt the cloud-based phone system.

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