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Everyone says they care, not many live by it. The difference with Elite Technology Solutions Inc. is more in the relationship. The belief that your “outsourced” IT isn’t just a vendor but rather a harmonious working partnership and relationship that is founded on trust, honesty and accountability. We strive to be a part of the culture, not just the hidden force that works in the back room or some remote office. There is no greater feeling than going to a client and feeling like part of the “family”. As you can see from the remarks above, we live and breathe by this.

Another area of significant difference is our ability to identify and work through bottlenecks in your current workflows and processes. We create efficiencies and continuously work with your team to ensure that maximum results are obtained from your current environment and software. Having extensive knowledge of the Legal IT industry affords us the ability to make recommendations to other products or services that are industry leading to keep you ahead of the race while maintaining a strong bottom line.

Finally, the last major difference is our ability to speak to people at any level within the firm and treat everyone as if they are the owner. Everyone has valid concerns and questions and it’s incredibly important that all people can come to the table with their voices heard.

Identify – Communicate – Remediate


Chris Conlon

Principal Consultant


Prasheel Pandey

Technical Alignment Analyst


Louis Aflak

Reactive Support / Field Technician (Windsor/Essex)


Zack Wan

Field Technician (Toronto)


Harley Appleby

Partner (Segal LLP)

Nomi - Headshot

Nauman Javaid



Remy Le

Reactive Support


Ramy Barakat

Reactive Support / Field Technician (Toronto)


Harpreet Saran



Matt Nasan


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