Coronavirus (COVID-19): WHO advises the world to prepare for a pandemic

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Are you worried about your business being impacted by the possible onset of a Pandemic?

Although China remains the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak, more countries are reporting cases. Some countries may not have the capacity to detect or contain the disease. This means global efforts to stop the spread of the disease may not be enough to prevent a pandemic (global outbreak). While the risk to Canadians is still low, it is important to be prepared at the individual and community level for all possible scenarios.

On Feb. 26, the World Health Organization noted there have been more positive cases of the novel coronavirus outside of China than inside the country. That’s significant because where once China was the sole epicentre of the virus, now health authorities fear multiple outbreaks in such countries as Iran, Italy, South Korea and Japan.


“This virus will show up,” said Dr. Bruce Aylward, a renowned epidemiologist with the World Health Organization who recently led a team to China to study the virus. "This is going to come soon, potentially. You've got to be shifting to readiness, rapid-response thinking."

In a call with reporters on Feb. 27, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam said the period of containment was near an end and that it was time to shift into figuring out how to manage the eventual spread of the virus. “For now, the risk in Canada is low, but the risk is evolving. Concerning developments in recent days tell us the window of opportunity may be closing, but there is still much that Canada can do to delay spread and become more prepared,” she said. Experts say that Canada has all the necessities for widespread disease outbreak - negative-pressure isolation chambers, supplies, medical procedures and assessment protocol - but hospital overcrowding remains a concern.

According to Barb Collins, CEO and president of the Humber River Hospital, Canada is “certainly much more prepared than we were pre-SARS.”

“[There is] much more analysis going on and much more standardized language and practices around protecting staff and physicians, protecting patients and protecting the public than there would have been in the pre-SARS date,” she said, adding that the protocols and procedures for containing the virus would vary on a provincial level.

By the height of the SARS epidemic in Sept. 2003, the Canadian government said it had 438 confirmed cases of the disease. Of that, 44 people died.

Here are some of the common questions answered by BBC:

  • Is the coronavirus worse than flu or Sars?
    • The virus appears to kill around 1% of people infected. This is far less than Sars (10%) Mers (34%) or Ebola (50%). However, what matters is how many people it can infect. Flu has a low death rate, but it kills hundreds of thousands of people each year because it infects so many. We still do not know if this new coronavirus is going to spread round the world.
  • Who is worst affected by the virus?
    • The old and the sick. The current fatality rate is less than 0.5% for people under the age of 50. But it rises to 8% for people in their 70s and 15% for people over 80. Meanwhile, nearly 11% of people with diseases of the heart died when infected. As did 7% of people with diabetes and 6% of people with long-term lung problems. The average for healthy people is 0.9%.

At this point, let’s consider the day-to-day life of Canadian small business and law-firms. If your staff does not feel comfortable leaving their home due to the safety of their health, how can you ensure that your productivity does not drop as a business. In order to replicate your home environment at home or function seamlessly, you need the following 2 important services at your disposal and Elite Tech has the solution for this:

  1. Work desktop of computing environment
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Here is some more information on services and how they can imperative to your business, not only under the current circumstance of public health, but even under instances where your staff members are unable to get to work due to various other reasons.


Elite Tech Cloud Desktop 

This service is a combination of Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud. These are deployed keeping in mind that staff can use retain access to their work environment using their personal or mobile devices.

As a feature of Microsoft Azure and our implementation of this product, we enable users to the following advantages:

  1. Global Availability
  2. Security
  3. Scalability
  4. Disaster Recovery
  5. Compliance
  6. Cost Savings (in lieu of migration to Cloud)

As a feature of Citrix Cloud and our modification of this product, we deliver what matters most:

  1. Customer Value: Efficiently managed IT function
  2. Growth Economics: Ease of replication for business expansion
  3. End User Experience: Optimized experience for every device
  4. Platform Implementation: Multi-tenant with all the necessary tools and automation
  5. Network Security: Enforcing network access control for compliance and security
  6. App Security: Providing secure access to organizational resources
  7. Data Security: Securing data from residing on endpoints by keeping it in the data center
  8. Analytics & Insights: Ability to triage user performance degradation and maintain compliance with client regulations


Elite Tech Cloud Connect

A cloud-based phone system, providing a flexible communication solution for your business needs. This solution comes equipped with the following advantages:

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