Importance of Working from Home during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Work from Home

COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis brings a terrible impact on everyone in Canada. In Ontario, concerns over a constant increase in coronavirus cases including community transmission are being constantly monitored. Amidst the rising number of both confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases, Ontario has recorded 8 resolved cases.

People with underlying health conditions, aged over 65, those with compromised immune systems, and individuals experiencing homelessness are at higher risk for severe illness. Sweeping effort across the City of Toronto including the closure of all non-essential services and facilities has been made and announcements were delivered in various communication platforms to contain the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Work from Home

The Toronto Public Health Office issued guidance for workplaces, businesses, and employers to permit employees to work from home.  Providing flexible work hours, and establishing a skeletal workforce as part of their business continuity plan. These considerations intend to minimize exposure of workers in society and maintain social distancing.

Establishing specific measures to protect the health and safety of employees is essential to keep businesses up and running. Meanwhile, to flatten the curve, the government ordered workers and the public to avoid unnecessary activities. Despite the outbreak, businesses other than those in food and beverage, retail, tourism, and hospitality, remain operational.

Citrix Cloud Services

For businesses to stay productive and functional during these trying times does not mean requiring workers to show up for work on-site. Citrix Cloud services enable seamless remote delivery and work management. Citrix Cloud provides users with a flexible approach to an integrated digital workspace. Citrix technology offers reduced maintenance costs for installation, migration, and upgrades.

As Citrix Cloud has the ability to access work remotely, data stays secure and clients remain productive regardless of location. In a modern virtual workspace with the aid of remote PC access, users can securely and effortlessly access applications resulting in an enhanced user experience.

Elite Tech Citrix Cloud

Elite Tech Solutions Inc. utilizes Citrix Cloud to ensure clients can operate normally and seamlessly using the latest software packages compliant with security standards. Elite Tech stands with its core values by providing an optimized end-user experience for every device and delivers a public cloud computing platform. Through this service bundle, Elite Tech has ensured that its clients and their staff continue to be fully functional even though some businesses are currently experiencing severe operational limitations and even downsizing their personnel.

Thinking about building a digital workplace with Elite Tech is a well-thought-out strategy. Data security through cloud-based storage alongside data encryption, and high-level network security are just some of the many cloud desktop services Elite Tech has to offer.

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