The Power of Cloud Computing with MS Azure

Advantages of Public Cloud

Law firms and small businesses are increasingly embracing cloud-based legal software and are starting to boom in full swing. Moving away from the traditional, time-consuming, paper-based document management systems. In a move to narrow this technology gap, law firms and small businesses have made a significant investment in cloud computing. The importance and benefits of advanced legal technology tools attract law firms and small businesses. At the same time, the lack of familiarity with cloud technologies, concerns about sensitive client information, security, and data control remain the subject of this transition.

The New Norm

The increasing reliance on cloud-based infrastructure to allow flexible off-site interaction is among the key trends why cloud computing has become the new norm and the way of the future. This cloud solutions approach in the legal profession provides law firms with the convenience of virtual data storage, online scheduling system, and case management.

Advantages of Public Cloud

Public Cloud allows users to share resources, access services, and user accounts using a Cloud Site. Making the shift to cloud in the legal industry landscape is not something uncommon because users can enjoy the following:

  • No Maintenance – the service provider provides maintenance
  • Accessibility – access the cloud from any location with an internet connection
  • Flexibility – licenses purchased by service provider according to your business need
  • High Reliability – highly available and configurations ensure against failure
  • Improved Security – most advanced security services that are designed specifically for public cloud adopters
  • Capacity – Resources including storage, networking, computing are shared that match its on-demand nature

Microsoft Azure Features

Microsoft Azure provides a platform that allows IT service providers to create cross-platform web and mobile applications; with storage and back up information in the cloud.

  • Data Management
  1. Enables handling of data-intensive queries on datasets and provides warehousing service, the SQL Data Warehouse
  2. Microsoft Azure provides excellent data management performance, superior security and reliability than on-premise
  • Management Services
  1. Automation features via Azure easily manage error-prone and complex activities performed in cloud
  2. It also provides Service Management Automation that helps integrate and automate complex IT process
  • Disaster Recovery
  1. Cloud-based recovery solution facilitates achieving low recovery time objective targets and tap into its nearly infinite capacity
  2. Allows IT with the capability wo run tests on your business continuity plan without impacting other users
  • Developer Services
  1. Microsoft Machine Learning service provides predictive analytics and data interaction as part of their Intelligence Suite
  2. Its commitment to support all languages and frameworks is backed up with proactive compliance suitable for SMBs

Elite Tech Utilizes Public Cloud

Creating a customer success culture, Elite Tech takes into consideration the efficiency, flexibility, and functionality of Public Cloud. Its global availability makes scaling more efficient than traditional hosting through its ability to auto-scale according to demands of application usage.

Public Cloud is a part of Elite Tech Cloud Desktop where cloud solutions and computing products are offered to align with business models. As legal firms are now inclined to operate in cloud for its built-in resiliency and market-leading protection, many Canadian law firms have opted to transfer to cloud platforms.

Davis LLP adapts to the trend in information technology and advocates the benefits of cloud solutions including cloud-based law library application.

P&M Personal Injury Law partners with Elite Tech Solutions Inc. which provides them with seamless cloud-based services to accommodate their evolving client expectations.

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