Video Conferencing with GoToMeeting

What is GoToMeeting?

Keeping up in a competitive marketplace requires smart business solutions to accommodate client demands and to stay connected with colleagues in a flexible working condition or geographical location. GoToMeeting is a video conferencing software, an ideal meeting solution created to meet the evolving needs of the modern workplace. GoToMeeting is the go-to answer for seamless meetings, online events, and video conference.

Ease of Use

GoToMeeting has a one-click meeting feature where you can instantly join, host, or manage video, audio and web meeting either from a conference room, desk, mobile device, Mac, or PC. It also offers easy ways to assign meeting to team members, assign meeting controls to different presenters, and share presentations in real-time. GoToMeeting empowers businesses to transform their typical on-site meetings into an engaging online experience.

Audio and Video Quality

With GoToMeeting, it allows you to put your best face forward with HDFaces Video Conferencing. It makes “face-to-face” collaboration manageable with up to 25 HD video feeds per session. With its ability to support a high number of attendees, GoToMeeting can host up to 250 people in a video meeting, limiting restriction for attendance. GoToMeeting has apps for iOS and Android that provides users with seamless live screen sharing and cloud-based call recording. It is indeed a reliable cloud-meeting platform fit for any business size.

Meeting Features

The growing complexity with technology is not an issue to keep your business up and running. Transitioning to a remote workforce with employees using different computers to stay connected should not be slowed down because of compatibility problems. GoToMeeting integrates with multiple operating systems and major devices for an excellent video conferencing experience. Sign in to your web conference using any browser if you are not able to download the app or quickly join audio conferencing even without internet connection using designated dial-in number.


Conduct or attend GoToMeeting sessions from anywhere. Launch the app from any device to join scheduled meetings, direct viewers using drawing tools during screen sharing, hand over control of your mouse and keyboard, and conduct brainstorming on a virtual whiteboard with GoToMeeting.

Optimization for Best Performance

Several factors could cause less impressive audio and video quality during your online meetings. Similar to other standard online communication platforms, attendees and organizers of GoToMeeting are recommended to use a high-speed wired connection. Monitor your bandwidth limitations and close all unnecessary applications to optimize your device for video sharing.

Tips and Tricks

GoToMeeting Hub provides improvements to your meetings, including simplified scheduling, real-time business messaging, and personalized meeting rooms. Make use of its enhanced features to highlight key points from your session using Smart Notes, Highlights, and Meeting Transcription features. GoToMeeting also has a video-to-slides feature that helps you download the PDF version of the Powerpoint slides presented during the meeting.

Pros & Cons


Overall, GoToMeeting is an excellent tool to hold conference calls and screen sharing. It runs smoothly on mobile devices, and it has all the standard features necessary to have a remote audio and video meeting. You can share documents in real-time, host large-scale conferences, and allows you to record meetings to share with people to keep them on the loop. You can also integrate GoToMeeting to your Calendar to maximize your productivity.



GoToMeeting requires a stable internet connection. It requires users to have current or upgraded devices to take advantage of the GoToMeeting experience. Premium features are only available either by a Starter Plan or annual subscription.



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