Video Conferencing with Skype

What is Skype?

Skype is a multi-channel communication software that millions of individuals and businesses use to make free audio and video calls. Skype shows off its capability to handle one-on-one, group calls, instant messages, and file sharing to whatever device you have – all for free.


Ease of Use

Having audio and video calls with groups of up to 50 people is possible with Skype. Skype works well either via mobile, PC, Xbox and Alexa, and it allows you to do all sorts of things with other people on Skype. If you want to make phone calls and send SMS, Skype offers pay-as-you-go calling plans that are available for most countries around the world. A great option to keep in touch affordably is by buying Skype credit, subscription, or Skype Number; payable in lots of ways, including in-store vouchers.


Audio and Video Quality

Leveraging the power of audio and video capabilities of Skype makes business operations much more manageable. Running the latest version of Skype allows you to have an improved video chatting experience. Skype users sometimes complain about poor audio and video quality, but there are simple fixes available.

Problems with the quality of your Skype calls are probably the result of poor internet connection, webcam settings, and computer not meeting the minimum system requirements. If possible, use a wired connection, check your system’s privacy permission settings to access microphone and camera, and close other applications that interfere with your Skype call.


Meeting Features

Even for a traditional office environment, Skype remains an excellent tool for meetings and collaborations. Skype contains contact information of members within the organization, making it easy to contact anyone in the company. Promoting a smart working environment is possible as Skype integrates well with Outlook and Outlook Calendar for scheduled meetings. Once in a call, the status automatically changes to "In a Meeting" where it blocks notifications during the call. Screen sharing with everyone during Skype-to-Skype meeting makes collaboration easy without the need for Skype Premium.



Skype is way more useful than traditional telephone or IP phones. Skype targets efficiency, increased productivity, and flexibility in the workforce as it allows you to perform tasks without the need for additional hardware. Skype's interface also has sections where you can add or create groups and favourites, quickly and easily access to your circle.


Optimization for Best Performance

For optimal Skype quality, ensure that your internet connection is stable. Your overall real-time Skype session can also be affected by low-quality devices, network latency, and noisy environment. Disconnect unnecessary USB components before placing a Skype video call. If possible, upgrade your web camera to a High Definition Camera for enhanced picture quality. To optimize the sound quality, adjusting the settings of your microphone and speakers by increasing the volume and manually changing "Microphone Boost" for increased amplification and sensitivity.


  1. Skype is a powerful business tool, and it provides smooth interaction online.
  2. It has screen sharing abilities and allows secure collaboration and a step-by-step walk-through.
  3. It integrates with Outlook to easily schedule and attend meetings.
  4. It displays status that indicates whether a team member is online, offline, idle, or away.
  5. Skype supports a large number of users joining a conference session.



  1. Weak internet connection generally affects the performance of audio and video calls.
  2. It lacks the ability to make emergency calls.
  3. It quickly picks up background noises.
  4. Skype messaging remains susceptible to being hacked.
  5. Several interactive features require a premium account or subscription package.

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