Video Conferencing with Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the chat-based workspace in Office 365. It is a tool that provides remote workers with the ability to collaborate, team-chat, share documents, and more. Teams joins the portfolio of the broadest applications that help solve the diverse global needs of 85 million active monthly users. Microsoft Teams is indeed built to address the individual need for a more open, agile, and digital working environment.


Ease of Use

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork. It promises a secure collaboration experience by bringing together the full breadth of Office 365 and gives people all information they need at their fingertips. Users can easily customize tabs for quick access to frequently used documents. Teams has an easy-to-use app available on Android and iOS that allows team chat, text, voice conversation, and video meeting.


Audio and Video Quality

Teams is an excellent tool for instant messaging, online meetings, audio and video conferencing. Microsoft has launched recent updates including cloud recording and audio transcription, Cortana interaction for Teams-enabled room speakerphones, background blur during Team video calls, and enhanced call capabilities applicable to call delegation, direct routing, and consultative transfer.


Meeting Features

With Microsoft Teams, you can invite anyone you work with to chat and meet regardless of your location. Either a group of ten or a thousand, instantly move from group chat to video conference no matter where they are located. Meeting in Teams is one of the best ways to collaborate without having to be a member of an organization or a Teams account. Join Team Meetings either from Teams app, on the web, or also call in using a phone number and all you need is to select Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link.



Microsoft Teams is built to cater the needs of today’s diverse and agile workforce. It has scheduling capabilities that give you a view of scheduled meetings, subject, and list of attendees. It also has a Bots Gallery which includes T-Bot that answers basic and frequently asked questions about Teams. Microsoft Teams has advanced security and compliance capabilities that meet the expectations of Office 365 customers.


Optimization for Best Performance

Microsoft recommends users to assess their existing internet connectivity as network requirements influence the overall cloud voice and video deployment. Small businesses may also optimize their network and Teams performance by checking bandwidth requirements and firewall or proxy blockers.


  1. Teams is a versatile tool to collaborate and hold meetings.
  2. It is easy to use and works well on computers and smartphones.
  3. As an inter-team communication tool, Microsoft Teams is an excellent app for remote access, online scheduling, desktop sharing, and group chats.
  4. As part of the Office 365 suite, integrating with Outlook and Calendar is not an issue.
  5. Meeting participants can join Microsoft Team Meeting even without the app installed in their device; they can join using a web browser.



  1. It takes time to manage proper application security to customize or remove default permissions based on business rules.
  2. Teams can get confusing in terms of separating features into categories to different apps on the sidebar.
  3. File sharing is limited when using a browser, and it still needs improvement on Teams member search feature.

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