Video Conferencing with WebEx

What is WebEx?

Cisco WebEx is a crucial communication and collaboration tool to future proof your workplace and stay connected remotely. WebEx web conferencing solutions are delivered as a service over the web. With its ability to host interactive virtual meetings, remote global employees can take advantage of holding full-scale marketing campaigns, interactive training, and engaging video meetings.


Ease of Use

WebEx web conferencing is user-friendly. Its interface allows users to quickly start or join meetings, deliver presentations, and share screen with remote colleagues. With just a few clicks, participants can instantly meet online and immediately invite people via email, text or instant message. Participants can also join meetings from their mobile device, PC, Mac, Linux, or Unix platforms.


Audio and Video Quality

WebEx meeting can give you a smooth virtual meeting experience if you set the right audio and video settings. As using video in meetings improves interactions and business relationships, WebEx conferencing features offer high-quality video applicable to WebEx Meetings, WebEx Training, and WebEx Events. User experience remains dependent on network speed. With its technological advantage, WebEx has a reliable and scalable platform that supports live web conferencing and collaboration.


Meeting Features

The WebEx Meetings mobile app also allows seamless video conference as it supports local pairing and sharing with a WebEx device to move shared content into a scheduled meeting without having to dial or hang up. The WebEx Meetings Web App for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome supports multiple resolutions to bring you the best possible teleconferencing experience regardless of network conditions. WebEx Meetings desktop app also has local pairing and screen sharing capability.



WebEx offers teleconference or video meeting attendees a rich multimedia experience through its web conferencing features that allows users to incorporate audio, video, and flash animations in their presentations. It can record meetings, transfer files, filter and control online attendance, and boost interaction with threaded Q&A responses.


Optimization for Best Performance

Real-time collaboration is key to a dynamic and modern workplace. Manage audio and video settings and choose how you want to hear the audio throughout the session. You may change the audio connection type from headset to speaker and adjust microphone sensitivity. Download WebEx Meetings app on your desktop as this is the fastest way to join a meeting. As recommended, close background applications and multiple browsers before your meeting to have the best WebEx Meeting experience. You may also opt to switch to a wired Ethernet connection depending on your location.

Tips and Tricks
  1. Join meetings while on the using WebEx app on your mobile device.
  2. Ask meeting participants to mute their line to eliminate background noise during the meeting.
  3. Schedule and check meeting schedules using Outlook.
  4. You may send upcoming meeting reminders using Advanced Scheduler.
  5. Receive feedback from meeting participants with available “Yes”, “No”, “Applause” icons.
  1. WebEx is easy to use and to set up.
  2. If you are joining a meeting from a different time zone, you can use WebEx to change it to reflect the local time.
  3. Screen sharing is very easy and works as well as any other platform.
  4. WebEx is highly compatible with several devices.
  5. It allows you to receive automatically transcribed recordings.
  6. It is integrated with Outlook and Lotus Notes.


  1. Audio and video quality are affected by network connectivity and have room for improvement, as well as integration with third-party software.
  2. A user cannot request control when another user is currently sharing a web application.
  3. At times, the audio configuration does not properly sync with system audio.
  4. WebEx requires an excellent connection because it runs poorly on a slow network.
  5. The newer versions looks elegant on a lean interface, but essential controls are now hidden, so it is a struggle to find them for the first time.

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