Video Conferencing with ZOOM

Audio/Video Conferencing Platforms

The need to incorporate technologies in the workplace such as interactive and engaging collaboration tools does not have to be challenging. There are various products available that cater video conferencing solutions, some are cloud-native, low-cost yet high-value, and those with crystal clear audio/video feature bundled with instant sharing capabilities.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based audio/video conferencing platform that handles different types of communication. It is a reliable tool for webinars, meeting recordings, online meetings, live chats, and screen-sharing. It is an easy-to-use platform that unifies meetings and group messaging. Zoom Rooms is the conference-based solution used in huddles, executive offices, classrooms, and training rooms. Zoom runs perfectly across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


Ease of Use

Zoom enables collaboration across any device; easy to start and easy to join using a designated Meeting ID provided by the host. It syncs with your calendar system for your scheduled Zoom meetings. It is useful in scheduling business meetings, a reliable platform for online communication, and it allows file sharing, provides dual-screen support and has chatrooms for individual conversations.


Audio and Video Quality

Zoom can support up to 1,000 video participants and 49 on-screen videos. With new enhancements, it offers HD recordings for a clearer playback. Recording meetings in the cloud has never been easier as it automatically creates an audio transcript.


Meeting Features

Whether an instant or scheduled meeting, Zoom allows you to connect from anywhere with an internet connection. Through an email or instant messaging invite, joining meetings on a mobile phone, computer, or landline is easy. Connecting from a mobile app for iOS or Android is among Zoom’s mobile-friendly meeting features. Protect your meetings with its integrated end-to-end encryption tools designed to safeguard your information.



Zoom is designed to host webinars, online courses, video demonstrations, group messaging, and online conferencing into a single cloud-based platform. You have the option to stay connected either by messaging, transfer files over instant messaging, and conduct meetings at your convenience.


Optimization for Best Performance

To ensure the best quality experience, have a decent internet connection and when you can, join Zoom meetings through a wired connection. You may mute your microphone, turn off your webcam, or disable HD webcam if not in use to allow Zoom to use your connection more effectively. As much as possible, avoid activities such as bulk downloads, video streaming, and cloud synchronization as these are bandwidth-intensive.

Tips and Tricks


1. Check recurring meetings using your saved settings

Using this setting, Zoom locks in the call setting configuration you made and conducting recurring calls use the same URL each time. No Fixed Time allows regularly scheduled meetings with the same group to use the same meeting ID.

2. Record calls as videos

Zoom allows you to record web conferencing calls as videos to easily share your meetings to others who missed.

3. Gather Information of Participants

As a sort of attendance sheet, you can require Zoom meeting attendees to input their information before they can join the call.

4. Touch Up Filter

Activate the Touch Up my Appearance feature for an instant filter that provides natural and subtle smoothing appearance with reduced fine lines.

5. Multi-share

You can allow multiple attendees to share their screens simultaneously during the meeting. This is useful for document comparison presented by participants from different locations.



  1. Easy to use screen sharing feature and you get to choose which monitor to share
  2. Effortless scheduling and exporting of events to calendar
  3. No buffering on video calls
  4. Hand-raising function that aids discussion
  5. Zoom chat and phone features are other communication options



  1. Free plan limits meetings to 40 minutes
  2. It requires you to download an app to operate
  3. The interface is a little unconventional and it appears different from other platforms

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